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Who will feature in a May government?

22/07/2016 The end of David Cameron’s tenure as Prime Minister will necessitate the largest reshuffle since the 2010 election, with many of the senior offices of state changing.read more

The race for second place

05/07/2016 The first round of voting in the Conservative Party leadership race began this morning and at 6pm today the field will be reduced from five to four.read more

Breaking Up Was Never Easy

29/06/2016 As EU leaders gathered in Brussels yesterday evening for the last summit with David Cameron as Prime Minister, there was growing acceptance that it would take time to sort out the UK's post-Brexit relationship with the rest of the Unionread more

Government Stalls Amidst Political Crisis

28/06/2016 England’s defeat at the hands of Iceland last night was entirely apt and in keeping with state of chaos that is engulfing the nation. In the political world the impact of the Brexit vote continues to be feltread more

Are Britain and the EU about to be hit by a political earthquake?

04/05/2016 That is what a Brexit vote on the 23 June would amount to. But it doesn’t feel like one is on the way. Most polls have pointed to a win for Remain and the betting markets point heavily in that direction. But are we looking at the right Richter scales? read more

Power and influence in a period of minority government

30/04/2015 With the general election just over a week away, opinion polls point to another hung parliament. But its precise composition means another coalition government is unlikely. read more

What next for retail banking?

17/07/2014 Retail banks are operating in a volatile regulatory environment.read more

Major reshuffle shakes up Government

15/07/2014 Reshuffles rarely live up to expectations and David Cameron is notoriously reluctant to sack people. But this one stands out and has sent shockwaves across Whitehall and Westminsterread more

Pensions and infrastructure at heart of last legislative push

04/06/2014 Today's Queen's Speech contains some important, substantial legislation. The Infrastructure Bill, which will make fracking easier, will be controversial but could lay the foundations for a turnaround in Britain's energy supply for decades to come.read more

Labour under most pressure following UKIP victory

27/05/2014 The only person smiling today is UKIP leader Nigel Farage.read more

Local Elections 2014: Analysis

23/05/2014 With many of the local election results in, the Lexington team takes a look at how the various parties have performed.read more

Lexington guide to European elections

21/05/2014 See Lexington's guide to the European elections in our Slide Share presentation read more

Wythenshaw by-election: Tory & UKIP battle for second place as Labour eye victory

06/02/2014 Next week there will be a by-election in the previously safe Labour seat of Wythenshawe and Sale East, following the death of the former minister Paul Goggins in January. He had a majority of 7,575 at the last general election. read more

LexElects #1: The Countdown Begins

29/11/2013 Lexington Communications starts the countdown to 2015 with a series of briefings exploring the key issues facing the parties, candidates and electorate in the run up to what looks to be one of the most closely fought elections of recent times. read more

Banking Commission Gives Osborne a Political Headache

13/03/2013 Following the publication of the Second Banking Commission report, and the Second Reading of the Financial Services Bill, Andrew Tyrie will be quietly satisfied. What promised to be a discreet focus on the libor scandal has ballooned into a wide ranging City probe. read more

Think Tank Quarterly - Welfare Reform

01/03/2013 In this edition of Think Tank Quarterly, Lexington looks at welfare reform.read more


01/03/2013 The result of last night's Eastleigh by-election was little short of disastrous for David Cameron . By being beaten into third place by UKIP and the Liberal Democrats, it underlined what most Conservative MPs already knewread more

Lib Dem Conference 2012: The Week Ahead

21/09/2012 In the week Nick Clegg became a YouTube sensation, he may feel that it is one of the few moments of mirth in the two years of Coalition government. The Liberal Democrats have lost a third of their voters, hundreds of councillors and activists and Clegg is only marginally more popular than Osborne.read more

Cameron placates his party - for now

04/09/2012 David Cameron has faced major challenges over the past six months. In his reshuffle today he has chosen to focus primarily on rising concern within his own party about the lack of a distinctive Conservative agendaread more

Think Tank Quarterly: The Skills Edition

27/04/2012 We look at how think tanks are informing the Government's skills agendaread more

Think Tank Quarterly: Localism

13/01/2012 We review the work of think tanks in relation to the Government’s localism agenda. read more